How do we care about sustainability at Print Union?

We live in times when more and more people realize how important it is to take care of the environment and follow many rules that make our planet a clean and friendly place. At Print Union, we are particularly aware of this. We take sustainable development into account at every step of our business.

What do we do to minimize our impact on the natural environment?

First of all, we pay attention to compliance with our internal standards and local regulations, whichever is higher. Our ethical code (available on our website) also shows how do we follow and respect the principles related to ecology, and not only that. It is worth checking what real actions we are taking.

More than 50% of our production is based on the use of a water or hybrid base in screen printing. Water-based paints do not require any chemical reagents to wash them, and you just need to use water for this. The water base also does not contain plastics and other unfriendly heavy compounds. In short, these printing methods are more environmentally friendly than using, for example, plastisol inks.

In our screen printing process, we have installed an advanced machine for cleaning screens. This way, the water that is used for cleaning is purged and reused. We use damaged clothes or printing errors to make test prints, and then to clean up our workspace.

The ecology also needs responsible electricity management

In the process of exposing the matrix, we use platesetters equipped with LED lamps, which shorents the time needed and reduces the amount of electricity being used at the process. We are also planning to purchase and install a photovoltaic installation in order to be able to become using a source of renewable energy at our production facility.

We also recommend our client's clothing made in a sustainable and ecological manner in mind, which is also reflected in our cooperation with the Stanley/Stella brand, which products we distritute. Their production has been certified by independent organizations and many standards that Stanley/Stella sets for themselves. Their merchandise is made from environmentally friendly materials such as certified organic cotton and polyester made with recycled materials, for example, recycled PET bottles.

Textile decorations from design to finished product, from A to Z. Embroidery and prints on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and many other types of clothing and accessories are our specialty.

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