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Terms and Ordering Rules at Print Union Sp. z o.o.

effective from November 2, 2023

Definitions used in the Regulations:

  • Conditions and Rules - these conditions and rules specify the scope and conditions of cooperation with the company Print Union sp. z o.o.
  • Ordering Party - a Client being a legal entity, natural person conducting business activity, and an organizational unit without legal personality as referred to in separate regulations, as well as state institutions with legal personality. Actions on behalf of natural persons conducting business activity, legal persons, and organizational units without legal personality as referred to in separate regulations, may only be taken by persons authorized to do so. Undertaking legal actions by a person not authorized to do so through the Printing House will be solely the responsibility of that person. Clients cannot be consumers.
  • Order - a declaration of will submitted by the Ordering Party via e-mail, aiming to conclude a contract for the sale of a Product and/or Service with the Contractor. For the purposes of this document, a production of samples is not considered an Order.
  • Product - a movable item or service available on the website, constituting the subject of a sales agreement between the Ordering Party and the Contractor, made in accordance with the Product Specification based on the Client's graphic files and any agreements with the Client and the Contractor as part of the verification of graphic files.
  • Contractor - Print Union sp. z o.o.

1. Placing an order

  1. The presented catalog of products and services is not a commercial offer within the meaning of the law, but serves only informational purposes.
  2. The effective acceptance of an order occurs exclusively after written confirmation by the Contractor.
  3. The delivery time for the order is provided upon order confirmation. If the delivery time has not been agreed upon before accepting the order, it is considered indefinite. The Contractor will make every effort to ensure that the order reaches the customer as soon as possible.
  4. The logo and decoration content must be provided in electronic form in a vector graphic format, along with a detailed description of the pattern size, placement, and colors according to the PANTONE® Solid Coated scale. Preparing a design that does not comply with the Contractor's requirements will incur additional charges.
  5. After accepting the visualization of the project, the Ordering Party loses the ability to make design changes.
  6. The Contractor does not verify the order for the use of copyright by the Ordering Party, and does not check their content correctness, errors, and the like. The Ordering Party is fully responsible for the content of logos, prints, embroideries, etc., whose execution will be commissioned. The Ordering Party is fully responsible for owning copyright and/or the right to register a trademark to the extent necessary to perform the contract.
  7. The Ordering Party agrees to the use of products made by the Seller in advertising materials, on the Contractor's website, for exhibition purposes, and as samples of the Contractor's technical skills. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.
  8. By placing an order, the Ordering Party declares that they have read the regulations and accept its provisions.
  9. Placing an order does not guarantee the availability of products (including textiles). If the wholesaler is unable to supply products due to shortages in their availability, the order may be canceled, or its delivery time may be extended.
  10. When processing an order on goods entrusted by the Ordering Party, a different price list for decorations applies than in the case of production on textiles supplied by the Contractor. It is the duty of the Ordering Party to inform the Contractor during the ordering process on which goods the decoration will be made.

2. Payment for the order

  1. New customers are required to make an advance payment of 100% for the first three Orders. After making these payments, the customer can apply for a change in the payment term for subsequent Orders.
  2. If the Ordering Party is in arrears with payments for other orders, the Seller reserves the right to suspend further orders until overdue payments are settled.
  3. In the event of a delay in payment by the Ordering Party, the Seller has the right to charge interest for delay and burden the payer with reminder costs.
  4. The withdrawal of the Ordering Party from the execution of the contract (after prior written confirmation) does not exempt them from covering any costs incurred by the Seller in connection with the execution of this order.

3. Fulfillment

  1. Due to the specificity of the production process and the factors affecting it, the Contractor has the right to deliver +/- 5% of the ordered quantity of goods. It is recommended to take this option into account when placing an order.
  2. The Contractor will make every effort to ensure that the quantity delivered to the Ordering Party is not less than the ordered quantity.
  3. The Ordering Party undertakes to accept the delivered quantity and make the payment, despite any differences up to -5% from the ordered quantity of goods. The order will be settled on an invoice based on the actually produced quantity.

4. Goods entrusted by the client

  1. In the case of executing an order on goods entrusted by the Ordering Party, it is necessary to transform and store them, and these costs are borne by the Ordering Party.
  2. The Contractor reserves the right to change the location or size of the decoration if it is not possible to carry it out according to the agreement due to technical reasons.
  3. Storage charges may be levied for the Ordering Party's goods without prior notification to the Contractor, in the amount of 100 PLN net/day/m³. This amount is charged for a maximum of 7 business days, after which - in the absence of an agreement between the parties - the goods are returned at the expense of the Ordering Party to the address from which they reached the Contractor.
  4. Storage of goods is free of charge in the case of delivery of goods after payment of the order, or after prior agreement solely with the written consent of the Contractor.
  5. Regardless of the method of decorating the Ordering Party's goods, a test (1 pc.) is carried out to determine the possibility of fulfilling the order. If the test reveals a defect in the delivered product that will result in the inability to fulfill the order, the Buyer covers the cost of the test.
    1. The valuation of the test is done individually. The aim is only to cover the costs of production, including, among others, the preparation of machines, electricity, consumables.
  6. We do not guarantee that the textiles provided to us are suitable for decoration. We are not responsible for the defects of textiles and dirt on textiles provided by the Client, nor for their loss, unless caused intentionally or by gross negligence. We do not control the quality and quantity of goods supplied by the Client.
  7. Materials must be delivered without external packaging, foil, and tapes that are not needed for delivery without damage, to avoid unnecessary and unusual costs before or during processing. Additional costs associated with improperly or inadequately packed goods will be charged according to actual expenses.

5. Packaging

  1. Standardly, decorated clothing is packed in cardboard boxes, collectively.
  2. There is the possibility of individually packaging textiles in plastic bags, an additional fee is charged for this.
  3. At the Customer's request, each box can contain a sticker with a description of the contents (e.g. quantity and/or sizes). An additional fee may be charged for this.
  4. At the Customer's request, the use of packing tapes and the Customer's packaging is possible, after their prior delivery.

6. Shipment

  1. Shipments are always made at the customer's expense.
  2. The Contractor reserves the right to choose any carrier.
  3. Personal collection by the Ordering Party is possible after prior written agreement.
  4. Delay or non-collection of the shipment in no case justifies the customer's claims for compensation, provided that the goods were handed over to the carrier in accordance with the planned delivery date.

7. Delay

  1. In the event of any known delays to the Contractor, the Ordering Party will be promptly informed.
  2. Delayed or uncollected deliveries in no case entitle the customer to compensation. If, due to force majeure, disruptions, or delays in delivery, it is not possible to meet the agreed delivery times, we have the right to extend the delivery period by the period of inconvenience or, alternatively, to withdraw from the contract.

8. Disputes and complaints

  1. Complaints do not entitle the holder to withhold payment.
  2. We do not accept complaints regarding samples and test prints.
  3. The party placing the order does not have the right to complain about improperly made clothing markings if the decoration is carried out on goods of the party placing the order. This results from the increased risk of unfamiliarity with the material on which the print will be made, which is associated with the possibility of various types of damage (e.g. burning of the material during heating in transfer presses or in drying tunnels).
  4. The Contractor is not responsible for color names and differences in product sizes. Even within one brand, different items (e.g. polo shirt and t-shirt) may have completely different dimensions under the same size specification. The same color name may look very different for different brands or different items of the same brand.
  5. Small residues of foreign threads woven in during the production of textiles, as well as discolorations resulting from the clothing production process, cannot be the basis for complaints.
  6. Slight color differences in prints and mismatch of print colors with the image on the screen cannot be the basis for complaints.
  7. The complaint must reach the Seller in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the party placing the order.
  8. The buyer should attach a proof of purchase along with a complaint form to the advertised goods or services. The party placing the order will bear all costs associated with returning the advertised goods. The complaint will be processed within 30 days of its written notification.
  9. Disputes arising from the implementation of these Terms will be resolved amicably. In the absence of an agreement, the dispute will be settled by the court competent for the Seller's registered office.
  10. The party placing the order is obliged to enable the inspection of the subject of the contract. In the event of refusal to inspect, we are released from warranty liability.
  11. In the case of a justified complaint, we have the right to repair, exchange the goods, and if this is not possible or not cost-effective, the terms of compensation will be determined individually.
  12. Personalized goods are not subject to return.
  13. The same ink may look different on white textiles and different on dark ones, despite the application of a white base layer. Slight color differences in the print cannot be the basis for complaints.

9. Ownership and copyright

  1. The Contractor reserves the ownership and copyright to the projects made, including separations, embroidery programs, sketches, drawings, estimates, and other documents, unless special written arrangements have been made.
  2. If an Order executed by the Contractor on the basis of drawings, models, samples, or other documents provided by the Ordering Party violates the rights of third parties, the Contractor has the right to stop further actions and demand reimbursement of costs incurred and lost profits. The Ordering Party also undertakes to immediately release the Contractor from any claims by third parties and to be liable for any damages related to claims by third parties in matters of infringement of their property rights.

10. Caring for Decorated Textiles

  1. It is important to emphasize that every textile item made of cotton or a cotton-polyester blend should be washed before the first use. Due to harmless post-production residues, immediate use can lead to allergic reactions between the body and the residues.
  2. The washing durability indicated on the label is reduced after applying decorations (especially prints) to 30 degrees Celsius. The processing of articles cancels the washing recommendations given on the textile labels. Additionally, fabrics can only be ironed from the untreated side.

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