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One of our specializations is labeling clothing using various types of materials. We offer our clients services for creating aesthetically pleasing applications on the inside of garments that are both visually appealing and do not cause irritation to the wearer's skin. Logo tags are an important part of the production and printing process of textile products, adding prestige to the product and elevating it to a higher level of quality.

Neck label

We sew them both on newly sewn shirts or sweatshirts, as well as on catalog clothing (we remove the original manufacturer's label and replace it with our own tag). Our clothing labels can be used on both the inside and outside of textile products to emphasize the brand. This solution is mainly used by clothing manufacturers. Our offer includes jacquard and sublimated models as well as cardboard hang tags and decorative plastic articles. In addition to the brand logo, additional information about the place of production or the composition of the product may be included on the finished project.

the most prestigue

jacquard labels

Jacquard labels are a type of label made from high-quality fabric. They are characterized by their durability, resistance to washing and wear, and the ability to achieve complex, multicolor patterns. Jacquard labels are widely used in the clothing industry. Designs and logos are woven directly into the fabric, making jacquard labels more durable and resistant to damage than printed labels.

Jacquard labels


sublimated labels

Sublimation allows for creating multicolor designs that can include gradients or fine details. The main advantages of sublimated labels are low cost, low minimum production quantities, and short lead times. Sublimated labels are durable and resistant to washing and abrasion.

Sublimated labels

screen printing durability

screen printed labels

Labels placed directly on the fabric, usually on the inside of the neck. We recommend a single-color print - light gray, visible on both white and colored fabrics, but we also make colored labels. They are made in the same technique as other prints, which guarantees durability and comfort of wearing.

Screen printed labels



Hang tags are like business cards, they provide the final touch to your brand and carry the message you want to convey to your customer. We can produce and place them in any chosen location. Often, for our clients, we place the barcode of the product on them.


eco-leather, natural leather, 100% vegan

leather labels

The design can be personalized using a chosen text and symbol, which are then laser engraved and cut to exact specifications using laser technology or hot stamping. These types of labels can create an impression of refined elegance or rustic toughness.

Sample leather materials

You don't know what to choose? We will be happy to choose the best technique for your project together with you!

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no fold / hot cut

Schemat metki no fold / hot cut

This type of cut is usually used when the label is sewn onto the garment. It can be sewn from one side, two opposite sides, or four sides. In this case, we need to account for more space outside the design as a sewing allowance intended for sewing onto the garment. A straight cut can also be used as a loop tab, where both ends of the label meet and it is sewn into the garment seam.


Schemat metki manhattan

If you want to give your products an exclusive, sophisticated look, the answer is Manhattan fold labels. It doesn't matter if you're a start-up designer or an established company. What sets this folding arrangement apart from others is the quality and appearance of the end product. The exposed ends are folded, giving the label a soft, finished appearance, which is important when the label is to be exposed, for example, on a sleeve.

mitre fold

Schemat metki mitre fold

Mitre folding occurs when we have two 45-degree angles in the lower corners of the label, and the label hangs in an elegant way. Labels with bias folds work best when the logo is long. This type is often used as a hook for hanging clothes.

end fold

Schemat metki end fold

End Fold labels allow for adding a branding label without sewing it into a seam. Thanks to this type of fold, the corners of the label are not in contact with the skin and have a softer effect. Long logos work best on this type of fold. They are usually found on high-end clothing necks.

center fold

Schemat metki center fold

Center Fold woven labels are folded in the middle and sewn into the seam. The fold in the middle helps the label lay flat, and care and content information can be placed on the back of the label to serve two purposes if desired. They are sometimes also called loop labels, but loop labels do not have a strong fold in the middle.

Textile decorations from design to finished product, from A to Z. Embroidery and prints on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and many other types of clothing and accessories are our specialty.

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