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flex/flock prints

Flex film is smooth and flexible, allowing for the printing of precise and clear designs with text or logos. Flock film, on the other hand, has a velvety and fluffy effect, giving prints softness and texture. Prints made with flex/flock film are durable and resistant to fading, making them an ideal solution for sportswear, workwear, and promotional items. This technique is relatively inexpensive and allows for printing in low to medium volumes. It is often used in reflective prints and on certain materials, such as nylon, where other techniques may not be effective enough.

Kurtka z nadrukiem odblaskowym

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how do they work

flex prints

Flex film printing is a popular technique that uses a special plastic film on which designs and text are applied. The process of printing with flex/flock film starts with preparing the design on a computer and cutting it on a special cutting machine. Then, the film is applied to the surface to be printed, and the entire surface is pressed under high pressure and temperature, allowing the design to be transferred onto the material.

Nadruk flex na kurtce

velvety to the touch

flock prints

Flock film is a special plastic film that features a velvety and fluffy surface. The production process is the same as in the case of flex film. Flock film is used for printing on clothing, promotional items, and other surfaces. The velvety surface of flock film prints gives them softness and texture, as well as the impression of depth.

Nadruk flock

Textile decorations from design to finished product, from A to Z. Embroidery and prints on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and many other types of clothing and accessories are our specialty.

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