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Quality, durability, and comfort have been an integral part of their products from the very beginning. Every product from the Stanley/Stella collection is made to provide the highest comfort and durability, which are so important to our customers.

Every fabric is chosen with the utmost care and meets strict criteria. 100% of the cotton used by Stanley/Stella is pure certified organic cotton. As for polyester, it is primarily recycled polyester. So when you wear Stanley/Stella products, you know that not only do you look great, but you also feel good.

The products not only look great on their own but are also suitable for various types of decoration. The smoothness of the materials ensures that all kinds of prints made on their textiles always look great. The same applies to digital prints or embroidery, where the thread runs smoothly, creating an even, stable pattern.


Textile decorations from design to finished product, from A to Z. Embroidery and prints on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and many other types of clothing and accessories are our specialty.

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