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Screen printing is one of the oldest and most effective printing methods, with roots dating back to ancient China. Screen printing allows for precise and exceptionally durable printing. Moreover, by using screen printing, you can achieve beautiful and vibrant colors as well as detailed designs, which makes screen printing very often irreplaceable. This popular clothing marking technique combines high aesthetic value with reasonable costs for larger orders. With its help, you can properly decorate T-shirts, jackets, pants, and other clothing items that are used for advertising purposes or in retail. At Print Union, we use proven pigments, equipment, and textiles from the catalogs of ecological and sustainable brands.

Screenprinted t-shirt

For clients who value high precision and short turnaround time, screen printing will be an excellent solution. With this technique, we print designs on promotional and corporate clothing that looks great and has impressive color depth. We create markings on T-shirts from the best brands in the textile industry, so the materials retain their original appearance for a long time while also being environmentally friendly. We use ready-made graphics provided by clients and also offer design services by our experienced specialists.

screen printing using effect inks

Golden glitter ink

Golden glitter ink

Cracking base

Cracking base

Glitter ink

Glitter ink

Puff effect

Puff effect

Puff effect

Puff effect

Suede base

Suede base

At Print Union, we use only environmentally friendly inks that do not contain heavy metals or phthalates.

magnacolours rutland virus wilflex

Thanks to the proven clothing marking technique of screen printing, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other textile products will look stunning. It is characterized by impressive durability of the finished decorations and a wide range of interesting effects that can perfectly diversify the composition. We recommend using this method for orders starting from 25 pieces. In the production process, we use water-based, plastisol, discharge, and effect inks - feel free to contact us to discuss the details.

Sitodruk bezpośredni na koszulce Sitodruk bezpośredni na koszulce Sitodruk bezpośredni na koszulce Sitodruk bezpośredni na koszulce

You don't know what to choose? We will be happy to choose the best technique for your project together with you!

water-based inks

Water-based inks are more environmentally friendly, but they are also more difficult to handle and work with due to their shorter drying time. This printing method can be a great option if you are thinking about starting a clothing line and want to follow the path of environmental care and social responsibility. This printing option is a perfect match with our Fairwear and Sustainable clothing from Stanley/Stella and Continental Clothing. Prints made with these inks are almost imperceptible to the touch.

T-shirt with a water-based print

discharge inks

Discharge printing is a screen printing process in which water-based inks are used instead of regular ink. These inks remove the dye from the fabric and leave the fabric in its original, natural color. We can achieve a natural fabric color that slightly matches the color of the shirt or hoodie. For example, when discharging a red textile, we will obtain a natural color with a slight reddish hue.

After the first wash, the desired softening effect of the discharged fabric appears. Discharge printing works best on 100% cotton fabrics in dark colors. We do not recommend using other types of clothing.

T-shirt with a discharge print

plastisol inks

Plastisol inks are used for most standard prints. Printing on white fabric without an underbase is standard, while on dark textiles, we use a white underbase to make the colors pop and prevent the shirt color from showing through the print. The underbase can sometimes create a "rubbery" effect when touching the print. This effect can be mitigated by using a discharge underbase, for example - ask us and we'll gladly help you choose the appropriate technique.

T-shirt with a plastisol print

Textile decorations from design to finished product, from A to Z. Embroidery and prints on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and many other types of clothing and accessories are our specialty.

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