Screen Printing vs. DTG - merchandise printing techniques comparison

There are many techniques and printing methods that are used in the textile decoration industry (including T-shirts, sweatshirts and others). Let's look at the two techniques, screen printing and digital DTG (Direct To Garment). First, it would be great to know how both techniques work. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so let's check what is hidden under their names and which one is better to choose.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing between screen printing and DTG digital printing

First of all, it is worth considering how detailed the design you want to print is. Despite the high accuracy of screen printing, the very detailed elements that we want to include on the finished product may turn out to be unclear. So for high-quality details, DTG printing is the way to go, but the current production processes in screen printing also give crisp and sharp results.

Another question to ask yourself is - how many colors does the design have? Monochrome designs or designs with up to a dozen colors can be easily printed in screen printing technology. When using DTG, we can obtain a more photorealistic printout, thanks to the possibility of using an almost infinite number of colors during printing. At Print Union, the minimum number of prints for which we use screen printing is 25 pieces.

So what, DTG is the best, and screen printing is good for nothing?

Not at all. These two techniques are used for other applications, and when used as intended and giving them the correct preparation of the project, you will get spectacular results in both screen printing and DTG digital printing. On the other hand, the undoubted advantage of screen printing is the possibility of printing very large volumes in a shorter time. Preparing and setting up all the necessary equipment and elements will take some time, but it will pay off in production, especially in large amounts. For this reason, this printing method is used primarily for mass production, and less often it is chosen for low-volume orders.

Not every printing method is suitable for every material. DTG digital printing is made to be used on materials made mainly of cotton, but screen printing is not at all picky when it comes to the material from which the textiles intended for printing are made. We can confidently use it on any type of material, including cotton, of course, but also polyester, elastane, viscose or others. Our experts will definitely help you choose the best technique for you. Maybe it will be screen printing, maybe DTG, or maybe we will choose something else? We are happy to help!

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